We Solve Bureaucracy
& Healthcare For Expats

We guide expats through the administrative processes of obtaining residency & access to public healthcare abroad.


How Can We Help Your Business

WHISP reduces the workload of your HR department by providing a clear and user-friendly guide that helps expats with the process of registration in the local authorities and healthcare system breaking language barriers and information gaps.

Reduce Cost

We help your department optimize your budget by simply eliminating the need to assign more onboarding responsibles

Optimise time

You can outsource your employee onboarding process and minimize the workload of your HR department

Employee Benefit

WHISP is a great employee benefit & can save resources for your HR department by optimizing the onboarding process.

How Can We Help You

WHISP can navigate you through the process of obtaining access to residency and healthcare as an EU citizen and fixing your healthcare status when you return home from abroad. You can generate all required application forms on our website and find out where and how to submit them.

Save you Money

We can save you more than €542 in Italy, €2131 in Germany p/y from private doctor visits & more than €1000 by fixing your past insurance periods from abroad in Bulgaria.

Save you time

We save time by informing you about every detail throughout the processes so you can be prepared & bring the complete set of documents needed in the right place.

Give you independence

WHISP empowers you to handle the confusing bureaucratic processes on your own, breaking language barriers by autofilling your data in the right forms.


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